Some sort of sci-fi/horror stealth platformer I keep derping around with on-and-off. It’s kind of like Art of Theft meets Mondo Agency as written by Harlan Ellison, or at least it would be if it existed in a playable form! I work on it whenever I’m bored with other projects, so theoretically I should finish it at some indeterminate point in the future. The above thumbnail is hideously outdated (also: hideous), but I can’t be arsed to make a new one, so just check out the new spritesheet below.

Described as ‘X-COM: Opposing Force’ by someone who hadn’t actually played it, Invasion! is a bizarre little simulation-ish thing I programmed in Adventure Game Studio just to say I could; sort of a hybrid of Endgame: Singularity, X-COM, and Evil Genius. It’s still in early alpha stage, and the code isn’t very friendly to continued development (I figured out how arrays worked after I designed the loop that maintains the zones), so consider it an incredibly hobbled demo until I finish the design doc for a greatly improved redux at – again – some indeterminate point in the future! Incidentally: Read The Fucking Manual. I am not joking around.


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